The first railway line comes to life

The concept:

An enriching content experience in the Station compound in Tel Aviv. A 200-year-old railway carriage has been turned into a sophisticated ride (a moving platform). The carriage has been renovated, designed, and equipped with an integrated multidimensional display, giving a real experience of a journey in time.

The technology:

A timed 4-D system perfectly synchronizing:

-  The computer-controlled hydraulic platform

-  Stage lighting – to enhance the feeling of movement

-  Personal 3-D screens

-  Bidirectional glass hologram

The production:

A humorous character (the actor Ido Mosseri), changing roles in the course of the show, presents the story of the construction of the first railway line between Jaffa and Jerusalem. The character operates in a special 3-D graphic package, built for the purpose of presenting the story in a light but powerful way.

The installation is part of the interactive railway carriage in the Station compound.