CG Compugraphic is one of the oldest infotainment companies in Israel. As part of our worldview, we combine considerable experience with innovation and creative daring, listening carefully to the client’s needs. The company gives its clients complete solutions: full management and responsibility for implementation of all areas of the project, throughout all its stages: from the concept, through planning and implementation, and until handover to the client, including comprehensive responsibility for the process and the product.


History and business approach

CG Compugraphic was founded in 1989, bringing the then innovative approach of combining software and graphics in order to create a new era of digital infotainment in Israel. The company initially focused on incorporating graphic computer systems in the video world. This combination was used in television projects such as election broadcasts and television game management systems (such as The Safe, Sheshtus, and others), and in the development and full integration (hardware, software, and design) of caption generators for editing rooms, and graphic systems for managing and displaying information on cable television. Later the company was one of the pioneers in developing programs for creating diverse interactive applications, and so on. Over the years, with the development of this field in Israel, Compugraphic took advantage of its expertise to create innovations in other areas. Today, after dozens of large projects and hundreds of smaller projects, CG Compugraphic is known as one of Israel’s leading content companies in the field of visitor centers and complex installations, video production, and interactive systems. As a boutique company, CG focuses on projects where it has the greatest ability to express its added value and relative advantage.


Integrator of talents

Compugraphic is aware of the responsibility it bears, and gives its clients peace of mind and confidence in the processes of creation and implementation. Management of the client’s project is undertaken by an experienced and committed team, including various aspects of studio work, involving a high standard of editing abilities, designing special effects, three- and two-dimensional animation, and interactive applications. At the same time, each project is a new creative undertaking and requires its own specific expertise, and so the company has developed a working method that allows for the true combination of a multi-disciplinary team to create a holistic solution. Unique talents are enlisted for each project (directors, script-writers, software and hardware experts, builders, and specialists in different fields), to suit the specific needs. They work together as a cohesive unit in order to promote the creative work, planning, and implementation quickly and effectively. The company management is involved and responsible for the success of each and every project at a personal level, giving clients an efficient and immediate response to every problem.