Timna Park

The fascinating display in the renovated auditorium gives considerable added value to this unique site. The display provides an interactive introduction to a visit to the extensive park, adds content to the natural sights, and takes visitors into the stories of Timna’s past, into the sounds and sights of the Kingdom of the Pharaohs, into the depths of the oldest copper mines in the world, and the hidden secrets of the 3000 year old kingdom.

The clients: Hevel Eilot Tourism Development Economic Co.

Location: Timna Park

The objective: To provide initial stimulus, interest and knowledge before visiting the different sites of Timna Park.

The response: A well-designed auditorium housing the “Timna Nights” display, combining kinetic décor and stage lighting with a spectacular period production that includes photography and special effects. The story is led by the park-keeper, a humorous character who takes visitors on a night tour in which the past comes to life behind his back.