Migdal HaRo’eh – Tel Shiloh

The archaeological site of ancient Shiloh comes to life in the Migdal HaRo’eh project, set up on top of the tel and looking out over the surrounding area. At the top of the two-story tower is the only installation of its kind in the world (!), offering a natural integration between a panoramic view of the landscape and the biblical stories that are woven through it. On the lower floor is an interactive, hands-on museum describing the chronological history of the region.

The clients: Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, Tziyunei Derech

Location: Ancient Shiloh archeological site

The objective: To increase the number of visitors, and create an emotional bond between the diverse target audiences and the site and its historic legacy.

The response: An observation tower that is an architectural icon - combining old and new, heaven and earth. The building’s façade is made of glass, combining observation point and media. This combination creates a sense of floating, connecting the interior of the building with the archaeological site, and the contemporary technologies with the moving stories from the past.

On the upper floor is the “Shiloh shall rise” installation – a breathtaking, direct experience achieved through precise coordination between the observation point, protection on glass of varying degrees of transparency, and a spectacular production reconstructing the formative moments of the people of Israel in the days of the Tabernacle at biblical Shiloh.

The lower floor houses an archaeological museum, based on a timeline and including interactive stations with an amusing virtual guide of the period.