The Railway Carriage – the Station Compound 

Close to the Tel Aviv seashore, in the heart of one of the city’s most beautiful entertainment areas, we set up one of the most complex and impressive attractions in Israel. By means of a sophisticated, multidimensional installation we brought to life a 200-year-old railway carriage that travels (in every sense of the word) in time to tell the story of the first railway line connecting Jaffa to Jerusalem.

The clients: Israel Railways and Tel Aviv Municipality

Location: The Station Compound, Menashiya, Tel Aviv

The objective: To create a content experience and attraction to draw audiences to the tourist compound.

The response: A multisensory experience based on the physical movement of an antique railway carriage. After reinforcing and renovating the railway carriage, we installed a display that integrates exact timing of the physical movement of the car with stage lighting and a multimedia projection that includes personal 3-D screens and holograms on transparent glass.