Nachalat Binyamin – Psagot Winery

The visitor center of Mateh Binyamin, the largest regional council in Israel, was set up in Psagot Winery, one of the best boutique wineries in the country. The center looks out over a pastoral landscape, and once inside, visitors touch on a wide range of aspects of settlement in the region. In each of the three spaces, visitors discover a different aspect of settlement: emotional, rational, and practical.

The clients: Mateh Binyamin Regional Council

Location: Psagot Winery

The objective: A thought-provoking way to connect visitors from the entire political spectrum to settlement, its importance, and what lies behind it.

The response: A center that combines ideological messages with the wide-ranging activities of a boutique winery, through activities in three spaces:

1. An auditorium in which “Harvest Time” is screened, a moving, full-length film redefining the boundaries of the visitor center experience.

2. A multi-participant interactive array that stimulates a discussion on the importance of settlement in Binyamin, and the nature of the Israeli-Arab conflict. This array is assembled on a mechanical platform that can be raised.

3. Tasting room and in-depth displays on glass, revealing the barrels room at the rear of the winery.