2013 Paris Air Show

The concept:

An interactive display of the capabilities of the Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) in the air, at sea, on land, and in space, by means of a vast, enveloping projection, with elements of the fourth dimension incorporated to strengthen the highlights and enhance the experience.

The technology:

A powerful and timed array, perfectly and uniquely synchronizing:

- A continuing panoramic wall (210°) and floor (total area of 100 m²!) projection

- Laser display embedded in the film

- Projection on glass surfaces with computer-controlled degrees of transparency

The production:

Very high-resolution production of a top-quality 3-D animation for geometric display on the walls and floor of the structure. This infrastructure was used to present operational scenarios. The array of colorful lasers reinforced the depth of the scenarios projected on the structure, and the transparent projection glass presented the information in a way to suit the scenario.

The installation is an important anchor in the IAI’s international presentation array.