Nesher Cement Factory

The visitor center at the Nesher cement factory in Ramle takes its guests into the world of Israeli construction, presents the central role played by Nesher in building the country over many decades, explains how concrete is made – a material that houses us all, but only a few of us know where it comes from – and highlights Nesher’s efforts in conserving the environment.

The clients: Nesher – Israeli cement plants

Location: The Nesher factory, Ramle

The objective: To present Nesher’s activities on behalf of Israel over the years, and emphasize the many efforts the company makes to conserve the environment.

The response: A building with three spaces, including an auditorium streaming a multi-screen display, “Cement”, telling the history of cement, the production process, the importance of cement factories in construction in general and green construction in particular, and the meticulous system developed by Nesher to protect the quality of the environment.