Mekorot – the National Water Carrier

The main visitor center of Israel’s water carrier helps visitors understand that having good quality water available in their faucets is not something that should be taken for granted. The visitor center includes a series of beautifully designed spaces, and a range of displays revealing the complex processes that the water goes through, from its different sources until it reaches the faucet. The center was established at the Eshkol site, and offers a rare glimpse into the only water purification plant of its kind in Israel, and the fourth-largest in the world.

The clients: Mekorot – the National Water Carrier

Location: Eshkol site, Netofa Valley, the national filtering site for water from the Sea of Galilee

The objective: Presenting Mekorot’s operations across the country to bring good quality water to every home in Israel, all the time.

The response: A multimedia center installed in the filtering plant, with four spaces:

1.  “The Water tells the Sources” – a spectacular indoor water display combining unique fountains, sound, and effects lighting.

2. Expansion space – illustrating Mekorot’s activities through a combination of media, lighting, and physical models.

3. Interactive group role-playing game, based on identifying the position of each visitor in a space paved with a vast aerial photograph of the country.

4. Auditorium screening the concluding film “The Source of Life”, combining demonstrations, animated characters, and filmed actors.