The Aliens Trail – the Children’s Museum

The aliens exhibit is the most advanced and complex in the Children’s Museum in Holon. Thanks to the holistic use of sophisticated technologies, incorporating physical, media, lighting, and interactive means, the exhibit is a one-of-a-kind attraction for children aged eight or over, in which they go experience an internal process and learn that the other and the different also have equal rights and similar feelings to them.

The clients: Holon Theater Co.

Location: The Children’s Museum, Holon

The objective: To put across the message of “accepting the other” through an interactive experience.

The response: A complex interactive trail incorporating a range of group activities and attractions in a space that has been designed and sculpted in a unique way, based on recycling metals and lighting effects. Among the attractions: an interactive display based on a physical ride, an interactive Kinect-based game, and a range of other activities that include physical activity, décor, and media.