The green heart of Israel – Lake Hula




 KKL-JNF Lake Hula – one of the biggest tourist sites in Israel, and one of the most important ornithological sites in the world – provides an encounter with a range of issues: the Syrian-African rift, settling the country, bird migration, sustainability, and more. The extensive visitor center will serve as an advanced, hands-on enrichment center, and as a convenient terminus for setting out on field trips.

The center has been chosen to represent and reflect the reciprocal relations and common interests between Canada and Israel, and will bear the name of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The clients: Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – KKL-JNF

Location: Lake Hula

The objective: To create a content and logistics center from which to tour Lake Hula, to increase the number of visitors by means of an all-season attraction, to enrich visitors with relevant content, and to create a regional cultural center.

The response: The largest and best-designed visitor center in Israel, based on the approach of an integrated, open-closed, commercial and interactive space. The space encompasses a wide range of sophisticated attractions using a range of technologies: three-dimensional nature films (“The Four Seasons at Lake Hula”, “In Constant Motion”), vast interactive walls (“The Bird Wall”), multimedia models combining sculpture, lighting, water and media (“Mini Hula”), and more.