The Stock Exchange Center

One of the oldest conference and events centers in Israel, located in a historic trading hall. The center is equipped with multipurpose platforms that are used for a wide range of applications: television broadcasts, the opening of trade, training, and events. The diverse activities at the center have made it a focus for the Israeli capital market.

The clients: The Stock Exchange

Location: The Stock Exchange, Achad Ha’am St., Tel Aviv

The objective: To create a focus for a variety of activities for members of the capital market.

The response: A sophisticated and spectacular multipurpose center with two main spaces: an entrance lobby, and the original trading area, which has been redesigned. The visitor center has multiple display systems, making use of real-time trading data. These data are used for the opening of trade, for television broadcasts, and for a multi-participant interactive array presenting the main points of trade on the stock exchange in a simple and clear way.