The auditorium at Sde Boker

​Against a magical desert backdrop, near the tomb of Israel’s first Prime Minister, we designed an auditorium housing an impressive display that fearlessly and honestly examines issues of leadership. The display provides a starting point for an ideological discussion for a wide range of groups and, thanks to its unique nature, has garnered international awards.

The clients: Ben Gurion Heritage Institute

Location: Sde Boker

The objective: To present the wide-ranging activities of the first leader of the State of Israel, in order to encourage a current discussion of the complexity and difficulty of true leadership, and to cultivate Ben Gurion’s leadership heritage among visitors from Israel’s younger generation in a new and unusual light, based on a deep understanding of the complex issues facing the first Prime Minister, and the impact of his decisions to this day.

The response: A specially designed auditorium screening the “Formative Decisions” display, an interactive display with a visual-period accent, bringing conflicts up for discussion in a way that is communicative (in the form of a quiz) and out of the ordinary, adapted to a range of target audiences. The auditorium also provides a platform for open discussions by selected groups.