A Window on Agriculture – Central Arava

Central Arava, the sparsest and most arid region of Israel, is proud of its exceptional agricultural and settlement achievements. We set up the Arava visitor center (and not without reason) at Yair Experimental Station – a research station focusing on desert agriculture.

The clients: Central Arava Economic Co.

Location: Yair Experimental Station – the agricultural R&D center of the Arava

The objective: To create a stopping point on the Arava highway at which to show visitors the agricultural and settlement activities of the residents of the Arava.

The response: A building with three spaces:

1. A well-designed entrance lobby and concept store

2. An auditorium screening the 3-D movie “The Arava – My Home” – an exceptional and moving story about life in the Arava

3. An interactive space in which visitors get to know the challenges of the Arava directly, and the ways of coping with them.