stand with us

For the "Stand with Us" visitors' center in Israel, we have developed a revolutionary concept, unlike any visitor center in Israel: a working, vibrant and dynamic situation room that works regardless of visitors - but also incorporates them into it.


The visiting experience is designed to lead to the mobilization of all of the organization's target audiences. Accordingly, we have created a unique visit narrative path that combines emotion, information and empowerment, where one element naturally leads to another.


The visit is tailored to a variety of target audiences through a modular system that controls the visit scripts and adapts them in terms of language, visit lengths and speech style. The result: a powerful, engaging, interactive and collaborative experience.


The content at the center helps raise awareness to the issues of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel actions. It displays the unique response and inspiration Stands with Us provides, and empowers visitors with the organization's unique cyber tools. It also enables easy and effective sign up to the organization.

Compugraphic sees supporting Stand with Us's efforts to combat anti-Semitism and to promote Israel's position in the world as one of our missions as an Israeli company.