Zinati House, Peki’in

In Peki’in, where there has been Jewish settlement since the destruction of the Temple and to this day, we created a moving display based on the poignant story of Margalit Zinati, keeper of the flame, and the last scion of her family. The heart-rending display tells the story of settlement in Peki’in through the generations, the hold on the land, the struggle for survival, and the historic meeting with Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, later president of the state, who rediscovered the Musta'arabi Jews and held them in a powerful embrace. In other spaces, pictures from the lives of Peki’in residence are on display, as well as an installation describing the connection between Ben-Zvi and Peki’in.

Client: The Council for Conservation of Heritage Sites, Tziyunei Derech