Compugraphic specializes in creating spectacular visitor experiences for museums, visitor centers and exhibitions, from concept planning, through the development of various content and media, the design of the exhibition, execution and the grand opening. We get the messages our clients want visitors to receive and the experiences they want them to undergo, and know how to convey them in the most powerful way. To this end, we use innovative technologies and turn the visit site into a sensational location with a unique atmosphere.


Compugraphic was founded in 1989 and has long been one of the leading companies in its field in Israel. It includes some of the best professionals in all aspects of creating visitor centers: architects, film directors, writers, researchers, animators, editors, builders and designers of various kinds.


The company's founder is Micky Wolf, who runs it to this day. Micky combines in his training and experience a deep knowledge of the world of computing and a long time experience in creative fields. He graduated with honors from the Hebrew University in Mathematics and Computer Science and completed an Animation Course at Bezalel, the prestigious art school in Jerusalem. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in managing visitor and museum center projects and in creating films, displays and graphic software.


Micky is personally involved in every project the company takes on. In particularly complex projects, he oversees closely the entire development and execution process. He is responsible for creative management to guarantee effective collaboration between the screenwriter and the director, ongoing oversight of the producer and project manager, and guiding planners to find creative solutions to challenges. Mickey is also present at "milestones" meetings with clients throughout the creative process.


Compugraphic includes a team of multidisciplinary employees and operates an advanced post house that includes the most up to date animation equipment. The team includes the following professionals:


Project managers - who have extensive experience in managing, planning and executing diverse and complex projects, including visitor centers, museums and complex exhibitions in Israel and abroad. They are responsible for integrating all aspects of the project while meeting both the highest standards , and schedules and budgets.


Creative professionals - A screenwriter, a director and a producer who execute the various productions, including shooting, editing, sound design and advanced post-production which is managed in-house.


Designers, editors, and 3D animators - who work in our in house multifunctional multimedia studio, which includes editing rooms that feature the latest technology and hardware. They carry out a variety of animated projects, including two and three-dimensional designs, After-Effects work, compositing, presentations and titles design and more.


Whenever necessary, Compugraphic adds to the team leading freelance professionals in order to provide the best solution to our clients' needs.