vr sphere cinema

Compugraphic presents a revolutionary new product:


A new and exciting platform for delivering educational, marketing and entertainment experiences!


Visitors are enveloped with a 360-degree projection & sound

for an innovative, immersive multi-sensory experience.

The canvas for adventure, entertainment and education has never been more exciting!



A futuristic landmark that makes every headquarters, fair complex, or exhibition grounds - an attraction

Iconic, eye catching and memorable architecture that stands out in any environment

Showcasing cinematic and video content using high end LED projection both inside and outside

The dynamic content that appears on the outer shell of the ball attracts visitors

The virtual content projected inside the sphere's interior is flexible

to allow a variable design of the space to create a breathtaking experience.



The immersive audio-visual experience is created by integrating state-of-the-art technologies:


Frame-accurate high quality 12 channel AV server

Advanced spherical seamless projection mapping system

High resolution Virtual Reality (VR) production and mapping

12 powerful FHD projectors

360 surround sound system

Smart control system



The Sphere is adaptable and custom made to every client's need.

Size, internal configuration, visitors' path and numbers - all are variable

Examples for possible uses:


A gateway to a city, region or country

A mesmerizing journey inside the human body, through the ocean or in space

Travel to historic periods

An exciting platform to showcase a company's products, for permanent or temporary exhibition

Entertainment: movies, music shows and sports art

Great for an array of environments such as museums, exhibitions and corporate headquarters, indoor & outdoor